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SK-070FE - SK-070FE

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Mô tả:
Màn hình Samkoon SK-070FE


  • Industrial-grade high-performance processor: Cortex A8, up to 600MHz.

Communication modes:

  • Built-in COM ports integrate communication modes of RS 232/422/485; two fast serial communication ports.

Provide ports of USB-A and USB-B:

  • USB-A: Support for a transmission speed of 10M/s.
  • USB-B (Plug and Play): Support for USB flash disk, printer, mouse and other USB peripherals.

Adaptive network:

  • 10M/100M adaptive network card ensures quick data exchange via network between HMI and other devices to realize industrial Ethernet communication.


  • Large FLASH capacity; USB disk storage; large capacity of data storage; data saving when failure.

Data security:

  • Neoteric password mechanism ensures operations safer and more reliable.

Picture Library:

  • Provide rich and broad-spectrum vector library;
  • Support for custom vector graphics and self-painting;
  • Support for BMP, JPG and other image formats;
  • Provide standard vector frames.

Text Fonts:

  • Support for multiple languages: up to five languages;
  • Support TRUE TYPE (TTF) font;
  • Support editing the attribute of complex fonts;
  • Unicode coding.

Printer & Serial network:

  • Support printing screens and data through USB;
  • RS 485: realize connections to up to 32 PLCs or other devices.

Penetration communication:

  • Realize communication between PC and PLC or other devices through HMI;
  • Realize communication between two HMI and one PLC.

Formation Function:

  • Slider for inputting numerical values by sliding;
  • Drop-down boxes to display various items in the format of list for user’s choice;
  • Kinds of trend chart to display controls.

Online simulation:

  • Connect to PLC through PC to simulate project; Fetch data from PLC.

Ethernet communication:

  • Realize communication between HMIs or between HMI and controller device through Ethernet.

Macro programming:

  • C language script;
  • Custom function libraries;
  • Free port communication protocols;
  • C standard mathematical functions;
  • Familiar interface;
  • Various modes of execution.

USB Disk:

  • Update project through U disk;
  • Import and export data through U disk;
  • Update recipe through U disk.


  • Alarm functions expension;
  • Data importing and exporting.